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Christopher Parsons is the most enigmatic Photographer/ Director ive worked with, he's always shooting something, be it Air Jordans new campaign or visuals for Kendrick Lamar's DAMN tour, he just never stops and its a pleasure being there with him producing some truly genuine work.



Jack McKain

Enigmatic, quiet, and soulful. Jack McKain finds the truth in every subject he shoots. Sticking to medium format cameras and shooting exclusively on film, there is no running away from the absolute rawness his images provide. Clients like GQ, The New York Times and various Music Labels have taken notice... as they should be. 



Alexandra Gavillet

One of the fastest creative photographers in the game right now. Shooting big name talent and always getting the best natural portraits in the process. She's just as bold, bright and happy as her content, which is something to always be smiling about. 


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Cathleen Chen

Producer Cathleen Chen is one half of the powerhouse duo EVERYBODY NEEDS US and has brought me into the fold with their revolving door of music giants needing content, all the while she's launched her own successful swimsuit brand STRITA DTLA, this human does it ALL. 




The other half of EVERYBODY NEEDS US, Maria Rubin is a globetrotting producer, running on pure drive and creativity. She is always where she needs to be and that seems to be everywhere these days, with clients in Europe, NYC and LA. Oh and she's also the Editor HONEYEECOM.US


Ezra Loren

Ezra and I started working together in 2015 through the PlusMinus Creative Agency in Downtown Los Angeles, where he spearheaded creative direction for various brands in the food, beverage, fashion, and tech industries. Currently crushing it with the ad content giant Veyner Media. 


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Dyan Jong

Photographer and GIF creator Dyan Jong is a visual storyteller with recent collaborations for Spotify, artists like N.E.R.D in her book. This Human also has a unique ability to host incredible community building functions and conversations. She always has a finger on the pulse and the shutter button.